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Decova is differently unique in delivering interior design services

About Decova Interior

Decova Interior is an interior design firm serving Jakarta and the surrounding areas. Decova specializes in house, apartment, office, hotel, restaurant, and café interior designs.

Decova captures clients' wishes and needs and turns them into well-organized, harmonious and beautiful interior. Always considerate about the beauty of every detail, Decova is able to create comfortable yet elegant rooms. Decova also believes that everyone is a unique individual and deserves unique, high-quality design to fulfill life.

Decova Interior was founded by an Interior designer Jerswind Hwang and Architect Idawaty since 2009. Decova consists of talented designers and craftmen, who are passionate about design. Not only Decova's team takes time to listen and understand the needs of each client, they are fully dedicated in creating the perfect design that fit perfectly with the clients' wishes.

Decova Interior's core services:
1. Concept creation - Layouting - Budgeting
2. Design development (3D design - technical drawing)
3. Construction




Decova Interior work on progress

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